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Are you annoyed with Ants and pests in your home and business? Have you tried different Ant pest control services but failed? Don’t worry now; we are here to offer a general domestic and commercial pest control for all types of ants such as Argentine ants, Black ants, Coastal brown ants and Bull ants.

Ant Pest Control Services Perth

Are you annoyed with Ants and pests in your home and business? Have you tried different Ant pest control services but failed? Don’t worry now; we are here to offer a general domestic and commercial pest control for all types of ants such as Argentine ants, Black ants, Coastal brown ants and Bull ants. Motive of our company is to provide best and satisfactory services to our clients with considering safety at first place. We not only assure the removal of Ants from your home and business but also make sure to prevent them to come back with excellent techniques. Our company’s(Budget Pest Control Perth) focus is to adhere Sustainability guidelines by social and economic development and environmental protection. We believe in reliability and integrity by doing right things accurately and on time and provide high performance to our precious clients. We don’t say things, rather we believe in showing real results. We have a best team of pest control experts which is specialized in all aspects of Ant pest control.

Brief About Ants:

There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the whole world and ants are considered as highly sophisticated “eusocial” insect, travel long distances in search of food and evolved a complex system of social interaction. Ants follow the unique structure of living which is extremely different than other insects. They live and work in colonies with their populations which includes 3 main kinds; Queen, female workers and male workers. Ant colonies are permanent in nature, which are usually located in soil outdoor, on footpaths, in the garden area etcetera. Queen is the only ant which lays eggs and can live for many years and have millions of babies. A colony cannot survive more than 2-3 months, if the Queen of the colony dies and Queens are rarely replaced because workers are not able to reproduce. Another interesting thing about ants is they do not have ears, they hear by feeling vibration in the ground through their feet. Hence, ants are no doubt small in size but surely a very unique creature.

Identify Your Pest

Types of Ants:

As mentioned earlier, ants have more than 12,000 species in the world, although there are only 1300 ant species known in Australia. Out of 1300, only 5 species are common, which can be seen around houses, buildings and farms.

Fire Ants

They are known as Queen Ants as well, which are 1.59 cm long and coppery-brown on the head with darker abdomen. This Type of Ants is aggressive and have painful sting which can be found in residential areas both indoor and outdoor.

Argentine Ants

These ants are 1.6mm long, do not swarm and sting and light to dark brown in color. Their nests are not easy to trace.

Black Ants:

These ants are 2.5 to 3mm long and as the name suggest shiny black in color. This type is known as a nuisance scavenges in kitchens, garbage and dog excrement and spread diseases and viruses like salmonella.

Bull Ants:

These ants are 18 to 20mm long, red and black in color and also known as bull dog ants as well because of their very aggressive nature. They nests outdoor in soil, under logs and rocks and seldom enter buildings.

Coastal Brown Ants:

These ants are 1.5 to 2.5mm long and yellow brown to brown in color. This type prefers dry soil for nesting and builds long pathways around gardens and walls.

Ant symptoms:

Normal local reaction

Pain, swelling and redness confined to the sting site.

Mild systemic allergic reaction

Spread from the site of the wound and needs medical attention and cause hives, itchiness, flushing, swelling and skin rash.

Large local reaction

Swelling and itchiness beyond the sting site (Example, sting on fore arm could cause the swelling on whole arm)

Severe systemic allergic reaction

Dizziness or sharp drop in blood pressure and increase in heart rate, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps.

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Ants Pest Control Services at Perth – Fully Insured, Safe & Effective

Nowadays, having an ant problem in home and business is really a big trouble and to get rid of this problem, seek a profession help is the only option, because the professionals only know the best solution to overcome ant pest control problems with their expertise. Though ant is only a very small insect but can cause huge damage to property and spread number of disease. People not usually notice ants until they are inside their habitat and they start ruining homes from inside by nesting inside walls and paving. Ants like to enjoy waste or ignored food in the kitchen and only a small percentage of ants from the colony collect food because ants have two stomachs, one to hold food for them and one for others. It is very important to locate and inspect where the ants come from before it’s too late. That is why it is vital to call in the professionals like us for the thorough inspection. We provide Eco- friendly pest control services which are effective in preventing ant infections and give 100% optimal results.

How to Get Rid of Ants? (Domestic and Commercial)

We consider our clients as our assets and our job is to provide best solutions for getting rid of ants from your home and business by using eco-friendly, natural and poison freepest control techniques. Call or email us for free inspection today and our experts will provide best advice for you.

How to Get Rid of Ants? (Domestic and Commercial)

We offer high quality non-toxic and organic domestic pest control services which are safe for children and pets. Our priority is delivering safe and healthy practices on affordable prices and we work according to your needs.


We have a revolutionary range of products which are necessary to eliminate pest problems. Our products and services are highly effective and we have a history of thousands positive results and happy customers. Call or email us for free quotes or have a look on different packages available online.

How to prevent ants?

There are some easy ways to stop ants to become guest in your home but once they are entered in your premises only experts can help you. Here are some of the ways by which u can stop ants to enter in your home:

Cleaning always keep your surroundings clean and tidy, especially kitchen area and always clean all the leftover immediately.

Deep cleaning Make sure to clean kitchen appliances and deep cleaning near water pipes under cupboards frequently.

Cover food Use airtight containers to keep your food.

Garbage Keep your garbage cans tightly sealed.

Block off Sealing cracks and crevice in windows and door frames

Trim trees Trim the branches of trees so do not touch the house.

Moisture problem Pay more attention to leaky roofs and plumbing and fix them without delaying.

We hope you get all the information and if we can help further with anything relating to Ant’s pest control services in your area please contact us here. Budget Pest control Perth’s staff look forward to being of service to you.