Budgeted bird mite pest control

Birds might be a big problem for many homes and most annoying thing for customers is even after hiring professional pest control services, this problem tend to come back.

Budgeted bird mite pest control Perth

Birds might be a big problem for many homes and most annoying thing for customers is even after hiring professional pest control services, this problem tend to come back. The reason behind this is most of the pest control companies just rely on old techniques, which no doubt provides solutions for bird mite but they do not last for long. Budget pest control Perthis the most experienced and highly successful pest control company in Perth region. We have best techniques and methods of eradicating bird mite from your home. Our experts not only guarantee you to wipe out the bird might from your premises but also make sure they do not come back. Call us on… for further information.

What bird mites are?

Bird mites are known as parasitic insects which live on variety of domestic birds like poultry, sparrows, pigeons and robins and near their nests. They mostly grow in humid and moist conditions and active during spring and summer. They mostly feed on blood of birds but when birds leave their nests, they search human blood for survival. They can climb on wall, ceiling and bedding in search of blood meal.

Identify Your Pest

How they look like?
  • Small in size(approximately 1mm long)
  • Oval in shape with a sparse covering of short hairs
  • Semi-transparent in color until blood has been digested when they appear red or black
Common bird mite species:
  • Starling mite, ornithonyssus bursa
  • Northern fall mite
  • Chicken mite
  • Tropical rat mite
  • Sylvarium
  • Gallinea

Health concerns:

The waste produced by mites can cause various allergies such as sneezing, wheezing, skin inflamed, runny nose, red eyes and itchiness. If someone’s immune system is sensitive to these allergies, it can cause discomfort and sever health risks.

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Cheap and advanced bird mite pest control in Perth

When it comes to pest control we always want to pay less but in getting cheaper solutions we sometime just waste our time and money because most of the companies offering cheap products are not effective. It is very important to inspect about the products which a company going to use before hiring it. Budget pest controlPerth no doubt offers services for bird mite in reasonable prices, but we never compromise with quality. We offer advanced and most effective solutions for your home and business to get rid of bird mite problem. It is our companies’ standard to provide 100% positive results to our customers because we consider our customers as our assets. So if you want advance services in cheap prices, budget pest control Perth is the only place which can help you.

What we do:

Step 1-Identification Identification of infested area is first step to eradicate bird mite and it is very important step for the best result.

Step 2- Finding and removing bird nest 2nd step of controlling bird mite is finding the location of nests and removing them by wearing safety gears such as gloves and mask to prevent transfer of mites and bacterial infections. Nests may be found around eves and in chimneys, in roof spacing, in cavities in walls, in foundations and basements, on porches and on window ledges.

Step 3- Prevention and eradication To prevent birds from invading in your houses we always suggest our customers to block eaves and openings of houses. We use best and safe insecticide sprays and powders so that birds would not come again.

Interior services
  • Crack and crevice
  • Crack and crevice
  • Exterior doors and thresholds
  • Plumbing penetrations
  • Around windows and the garage area
Exterior services
  • Pinpoint placement treatment of areas conducive to Bird mite nests infestation
  • Spraying perimeter treatment to prevent future infestations

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