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Birds can be a very big problem because they can cause many harmful diseases by nesting or roosting in buildings and roofing.

Early Bird Pest Control Perth

Birds can be a very big problem because they can cause many harmful diseases by nesting or roosting in buildings and roofing. If your home or business is invaded by birds, you surly need an effective bird management teamfor Early bird pest control to get rid of them like Budget pest control PerthInnocent looking birds can harm your place in many ways and it is very important to take some necessary steps to protect your property from them. They are known to:

Cause property damage by dislodging roof tiles
Blocking guttering
Building nests
Dropping building material
Can be aggressive and attack customers and employees
Carry flies, mites, ticks, lice and other biting insects
Spread diseases and pose serious health risks

To avoid the serious and severe damages by birds, it is necessary to take advice from best bird pest control sooner rather than later. Budget pest controlPerth provides 100% eco-friendly solutions for birds control and we always prefer 0% harm to birds and your premises. Our experts have a wide range of cost-effective and human control measures, which can help you to get rid of birds quickly.

Identify Your Pest

Types of Birds:

There are different types of birds which can be problematic for your home and business:


Pigeons are known as causing significant health risk to general public. They carry more than dozen harmful disease organisms including:


Infection caused by breathing in spores of a fungus often found in pigeon dropping and it affects the lymph nodes and the trachea and bronchi of the lung.


It is viral disease, which can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes from the birds.


it is influenza type disease that has serious consequences especially dangerous to pregnant women.


Swallows eat massive quantity on insects and can cause many health risk diseases. They build mud nests in buildings or houses which damages properties.


Seagulls are generally distributed throughout Australia, especially along the coastal areas. Its natural food is fish and other marine life but they feed on garbage and scrap also which attracts many diseases.

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Bird Control in Perth – Local & Experienced Experts

The main motive of our team is providing 100%results to our customers and we not only focus on effective bird management techniques but also provide cost-effective packages. We use such methods which are harmless to bird’s life and we always use products and techniques which cause 0% damage to your property. Our team offers free on sight inspection as well and our experts can give you best advice about your bird problems. Contact us for immediate relief from birds.

Budget pest control Perth has a large range of ways to eradicate or mange the problems of birds in your property. We mostly use netting to protect your premises but there are many other proofing options available for bird management in Perth including:

Common bird mite species:
  • Spikes
  • Bird Slide
  • Bird Shock
  • Bird Wire
  • Hot Silicone
  • Sonic Countermeasures

Human treatment of birds

At Budget pest control Perth; we take all the necessary steps to deal with bird problem as humane way as possible without harming birds and your property. We have a highly experienced team which adhere the strict standards while doing their work. Our team focuses on many factors before choosing the method of eradicate birds. Factors include:

Common bird mite species:
  • Area of application
  • Bird species
  • Location
  • Access