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Flies generally cause fewer problems as compared to other pests because they can easily detectable because of their movement and higher visibility,but that does not mean they are welcome to your place.

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Flies generally cause fewer problems as compared to other pests because they can easily detectable because of their movement and higher visibility,but that does not mean they are welcome to your place. They tend to move around rather than hiding themselves and irritate people with their presence.If you want to get rid of them Budget pest control Perth offers the best services for flies’ pest control in Perth and our company provides these services in lower price than market. All are services are covering 100% guarantee and we can customize different packages according to your home and business and your pocket.

We always keep our standards high regardless low prices. We do not compromise with quality as we believe in offering quality products and we are stick to our company’s protocol. You know why we are ahead than many pest control companies in the Perth, because Customers are not just business for us rather we treat them as assets. So, we are here to help you to eradicate these uninvited guests from your home. Call us on…… we surly provide you the best services.

Identification of flies

Though there are many types of flies but the most common type of flies that can be seen in homes and business are the common house flies. They are 8mm to 12mm long and usually have life of fifteen to twenty five days. Their body is covered with hairs and they have two compound eyes and six legs.

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Other types of flies

Horse fly:

This is the most dangerous type of flies because their byte is really painful. They are up to 25mm long and black to dark brown in color with green and black eyes. They lay 100 to 1000 eggs in their life cycle and usually live for 30 to 60 days.

Bluebottle fly:

It is also known as blow fly, adults are ¼” to ½” long and metallic blue in color. This type takes 7 to 12 days to mature.

Cluster fly:

This type of flies prefer warm, quiet and undisturbed areas of home and business. They are 6mm to 10mm long and dark-grey, olive thorax clothed in appearance with crinkled golden-brown hair. They lay eggs in soil in late summer or early autumn and it takes around 17 to 39 days to eggs to adult.

Sand fly:

As the name suggests this type of flies prefer sandy riverside area for habitat. Adults are 10mm to 11mm long with pale grey body, bronze brown eyes, and reddish brown legs. Their larva takes around 2 years to develop.

Fruit fly:

Fruit flies are commonly found around rotten fruits, unclean drain and cleaning utensils. They are 3mm long, yellow-brown and mottled in color, and have bright red eyes. They develop to adult in 7 to 30 days and adults live for 2 to 9 weeks.

House fly:

This is the most common type of flies which can be found anywhere in this world. They are attracted to almost everything such as rotten fruits, food, sugar, drains, pet and animal food and even faeces. They are 5 to 8mm long, grey thorax body, buff-yellow abdomen with 4 narrow stripes, and complex compound eyes with thousands of lenses. Their larva matures in 3 to 60 days.

Drain fly:

Drain flies are also known as sewage and moth flies. They are 2mm long, tan grey in color, and have dense hair on body. Their larva takes 10 to 50 days to mature.

Bush fly:

They are 2mm long and very similar to house flies in appearance but smaller in size than them. They transmit eye infection and other diseases to humans but their life cycle is only for 2 to 5 weeks.

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Eco-friendly and poison-free flies pest control

Managing flies by your own is quiet challenging task and it is just waste of time and money because eradicating flies from home or business is not as easy as it looks like. As flies have several food sources to breed on and they reproduce quickly so it always need professional to help to get rid of them. These flies are not only attractinga lot of disease but they also a nuisance and annoyance for both animals and humans. To eliminate this problem Budget pest control Perth offers a range of services which are eco-friendly and poison-free and 100% safe for home environment including pests, kids and plants.

Our team members are well trained and have all the knowledge about the behavior of flies so they better know how to treat them. All our services are covered with 100% guarantee and we have 1000’s of customers which are highly satisfied with our services. Our experts first locate the flies, than remove them from the premises and lastly, they use proven pest control techniques to eradicate the infestation. We use the best methods to eradicate flies such as we use best infestation products on flies when they are inactive. Bating is also one of the successful methods which often produce desired result. If you want to get rid of flies soon, please call us on… we will be happy to assist you.

  • Sanitation is the best way to eliminate flies from your home
  • Indoor fly traps and sticky tapes helps controlling fly population inside the homes
  • Sealed garbage bins and waste should kept wrapped
  • Clean kitchen counters and left overs

If you think you have flies in your home and business, do not delay, and call us on…. Budget pest control Perth is here to assist you with best possible solution.