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Budget Pest Control Perth provides wide range of services for pest control in Perth and surrounding areas. We are specialized in providing services for eradicating different insects from your lawn, be it black beetle, curl grub, lawn armyworm or webworm.

Lawn pest control services by Budget Pest Control Perth

Budget Pest Control Perth provides wide range of services for pest control in Perth and surrounding areas. We are specialized in providing services for eradicating different insects from your lawn, be it black beetle, curl grub, lawn armyworm or webworm. We assure you that no one in the market can beat our high quality services in reasonable prices. Our company believes in integrity, reliability and workmanship pride. We have a team which has experience of 10 years in lawn pest control and can eradicate all the pest problems from your lawn. We provide ongoing training to our team in pest control, so that we can provide high quality services and satisfaction to our precious clients. As we believe in quality, we do not employee sales staff, we only have highly qualified pest control technicians. If you have lawn pest control problem, make sure to choose best pest control team like Budget Pest Control Perth and save your time and money. Feel free to contact us on… Our experts will give you best advice regarding lawn pest control.

Lawn pest symptoms

In summer or spring season when lawn has yellow or brown patches insects more likely to invade and grow. If it is left untreated, it can damage whole lawn area. So it is very important to call pest control team as soon as you see first sign of lawn pests. Delays can only cost you more and can damage your lawn and property.

Identify Your Pest

Common lawn pest species

As mentioned earlier, ants have more than 12,000 species in the world, although there are only 1300 ant species known in Australia. Out of 1300, only 5 species are common, which can be seen around houses, buildings and farms.

Black beetle

Larva is 5mm long with six legs, whereas adult is 25 to 30 mm long with creamy white body which changes to shiny black after some time and light brown head.

Cause damage to new and small plants and roots of the grass.

Curl grub

Larva has creamy brown body with brown head and they vary in size from 4 to 40mm when fully grown.
Dark brown tail
Mainly feed on grass, pot plant roots and can cause severe damage to gardens.
Curl themselves when disturbed

Lawn armyworm

Adults have greyish brown moth and 35mm to 40mm long. Males have white and dark markings on the forewings and females have more subdued appearance.
Feed on Bermuda grass, barley, green panic, orchids, Pongola, para grass, wheat and the like.


Larva is yellow in color with two black marks along its body and fully grown is black and orange in color and 32mm long.
Mainly feed on tree leaves


Adults are 1 inch in length and vary in color from brown to tan pink, green, grey and black.
Damage vegetable seedling plants and small plants

Billbug larvae

Larva haswhite body with yellow to brown head and 5/8 inch long
Mainly feed inside the stem and crown or roots of plants.

Billbug adults

Adults are dull grey to black in color and ¼ to ½ inch long
Mainly feed on grass blades and stems

Argentine stem weevil

Larva is legless, creamy-white in color and 4mm in length and adult is dark grey to black in color and 3mm long.
Mainly feed on stems of plants and grass.


Most of them are black to brown in color, oval shaped and larva is 0.08 inch and adult is 6 to 7 inch long.
Feed on fruits, fungus, live plants and insects.

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Eco-friendly and affordable lawn pest control Perth

When selecting pest control, make sure to do your own research beforehand about company you are choosing. It is very easy to take Australian Government work covered issued Pest control license and starting pest control business. But most of these companies have unsupervised trainees who have no experience. Budget Pest Control Perth not only has highly expert team, but we also provide 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with our services. When it comes to Lawn pest control, it is really important to choose eco-friendly products because otherwise plants, grass, and trees in your garden can be damaged. We provide 100% eco-friendly products and services which cause no harmful effect on plants and grass. If you are after good quality services in affordable prices, we are the only one in in the market who can provide best lawn pest control services. Call us today for more information about products and services on.. Our experts will surly help you to get rid of lawn pest problems.

What we will do:

There are some easy ways to stop ants to become guest in your home but once they are entered in your premises only experts can help you. Here are some of the ways by which u can stop ants to enter in your home:

Inspect Carry out a survey and report our findings

DustApply dust to roof void, subfloor and in wall cavities

Surface-sprayExperts spray special and licensed product which is eco-friendly and cause no harm to plants and grass.

Should you have any quires, please call us on… Budget Pest Control Perth’s team will be happy to assist you with all your lawn pest control problems.

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