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Moths have two pairs of wings, a proboscis and large compound eyes, and they look so similar to butterfly. However, moths are different from butterflies that they fly at night.

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Moths have two pairs of wings, a proboscis and large compound eyes, and they look so similar to butterfly. However, moths are different from butterflies that they fly at night. Moths are seen as pest than insects. They can cause damage to different materials in our homes. Moths normally access to indoor by infested plants or food products, and clothing. The spurs on moths’ legs can penetrate our skin which can cause stings, dermatitis or urticaria. Their stings can be very itchy and be worsening by scratching it, but they don’t lead to serious situation like death. We, Budget Pest Control Perth, offer an A-class and eco-friendly services moth pest control service at an affordable price in all areas around Perth region. We do not only provide economical deals for eliminating the moth problem from your place, but also guarantee that the products we used are environmental friendly and harmless to human and results are recognized to be highly productive which you will be completely satisfied with the service. We have many years of knowledge and experience and are one of the most recognized pest control companies in Perth. We promise for the use of the latest and safest products for the safety and efficiency to make sure our environment and clients are taken care of.

Brief about moths

Moths are flying insects and they look so different according to the variety, as well as their sizes. There are few common species

Identify Your Pest

Types of moths:

As mentioned earlier, ants have more than 12,000 species in the world, although there are only 1300 ant species known in Australia. Out of 1300, only 5 species are common, which can be seen around houses, buildings and farms.

Almond Moth

They are named by their love of food, i.e. nuts, as they are fed on many kinds of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and so on. They are commonly found in warehouses that store food product

SIZE:13 – 20 mm, with a wingspread of about 20 mm

COLOR:Gray/brown/dark tan

Almond moth has approximately 35 days from an egg to adult under room temperature. Adult moths will die within 7 – 10 days. And female moths can lay 200 – 400 eggs on dried food sources.

Casemaking Clothes Moth

They are named based on the fact that their larvae carry a silken case throughout the whole larval stage. Their food sources are common materials like feather, woollens, and furs and so on.

SIZE:10 – 14 mm wingspan


Female moth will lay 37 – 48 eggs over their potential food sources and they will hatch within 4- 7 days. An adult moth will only have a lifetime of 4 – 6 days, and male moth will actively look for females which stay still.

Webbing Clothes Moth

They are named by the habit that they travel with clothing or any kind of products with wool or natural any animal products. They are fed on woollens, feathers, fur, hair and even dead insects.

SIZE:7– 10 mm, with a wingspread of about 10 mm


Clothes moth has approximately 45 days from an egg to adult under room temperature. Adult moths will die within a month. Female moths can lay 57 eggs max on or near the fabric or clothing.

Mediterranean Flour Moth

They are common moth pest of dried food goods in the kitchen or pantry. They are fed on any food that contains grains or cereals, which make it responsible to a lot of insect problems connected with the food industry

SIZE:20 mm, with a wingspread of less than 25 mm

COLOR:Pale gray on forewings, transverse black on wavy bars and dirty white on hid wings

With a good food source, a Mediterranean flour moth can develop approximately 50 days from an egg to adult. Adult moth will die within 10 days and female moths can lay 116 – 678 eggs on or close to the dried food source.

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Removing and controlling moth are not as easy as just you thought. You can do that yourselves at home, however, it wouldn’t last long. The products consumers get are not customized to treat some particular species of Moth or the whole colony, but to treat Moth in general. And that’s why expert like us, Budget Pest Control, we take into account the fact that the products we used are eco- friendly, and harmless to the clients and staff. Our team members are all highly experienced in moth best control and they have deep knowledge on how to deal with the wasps. Our company offers different packages based on your budget and demand and needs. We will provide an efficient and effective way that gives a guaranteed result.

Budget’s moth treatment pest control
  • Full moth control solution
  • Inspect
  • Prepare and apply bait
  • Dust free the space and apply spray
  • Making sure every single part of the moths movement will be taken care of
  • Treatments are highly effective control of the moth
  • Professional advice to avoid arising further problem

We provide free consultations and our trained moth extermination experts will develop a treatment plan to kill or control moths in the surrounding area to make sure your property is safe and secure and free from moth threat.