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Scorpions can be distinguished easily by their 4 pairs of legs, a pair of pincers on their long arms at the front of their body and a long sting-bearing tail.

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Scorpions can be distinguished easily by their 4 pairs of legs, a pair of pincers on their long arms at the front of their body and a long sting-bearing tail. They are most likely to live under the logs, garden mulch and rocks. They feed themselves with insects and they don’t need to be fed frequently since their metabolism is very low. Scorpions’ sting can cause irritation to human and pets, and they are pretty active in the bush areas. We, Budget Pest Control Perth, offer the best and affordable services for scorpion pest control in all areas around Perth region. We do not only provide low-priced deals for getting rid of the scorpion problem from your area, but also guarantee that the products we used natural and results are well productive which you will be satisfied with the service provided. We are one of the most recognized pest control companies in Perth and have many years of knowledge and experience to deal with the scorpion problems. We promise for the use of the latest and safest products take care of the safety and efficiency of our environment and clients.

Brief about scorpions

There are more than 100 species of scorpion and they eat insects or animals that smaller than them, for example beetles, spiders and ever skinks. Their sizes vary depends on the type. The reaction to the stings is just painful irritation, and victims who got stung don’t normally need medical assistance since the scorpions don’t have fatal venom in them.

Identify Your Pest

Types of Scorpion:

Desert Scorpion

8 – 11 cm
Large, aggressive
Active in deserts
Constructs deep, spiral burrows up to 1m deep in sandy soil

Spider-hunting Scorpion

2.5 – 5.5 cm
Lives in arid inland
Specialized in hunting spider

Rainforest Scorpion

5 – 8 cm
Well adapted to rainforests
Lock its flat body into rock with its large claws

Flinders Ranges Scorpion

9 – 12 cm
Found in gullies of Flinders Ranges
Lives in shallow scrapes
constructs under rocks

Marbled Scorpion

1.5 – 4 cm
Lives in gum forests
Occasionally gain access to human houses

Salt Lake Scorpion


Adapted to inland harsh and barren salt lakes
It hunts resting flies and small spider at night

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Eliminating and controlling wasps are not as easy as just taking them. Wasps can be very dangerous that could lead to life threatening, that’s why expert like us, Budget Pest Control, is needed for getting rid of them from your properties. We take into account the fact that the products we used are environmental- and eco- friendly, as well as harmless to the clients and staff. Our team members are all highly experienced in wasp best control and they have deep knowledge on how to deal with the wasps. Our company offers different packages based on your budget and demand and needs. We will provide an efficient and effective way that gives a guaranteed result.

Scorpion nest pest control

When dealing with scorpions, we always start with cleaning up the areas, especially near the foundation walls. Also, make sure the woodpile is far from your home, it is quite annoying, but it is necessary to control the population of scorpions. Sealing off the cracks and holes is also important to avoid them gaining access to indoor.

Budget’s scorpion treatment pest control

If you’re experiencing any difficulties to deal with the scorpions, please contact Budget Pest Control on …… We provide free consultations and our trained scorpion extermination professionals will develop a treatment plan to kill or control scorpions in your area to make sure your property is free of scorpions.

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