Silverfish pest control

Silverfish are acknowledged for their harsh attacks on papers, books and clothes for their food. They mostly hide themself in your old office files, storage boxes, bookshelves, bathroom cupboards, kitchen, wardrobes and sinks.

Affordable and best silverfish pest control in Perth

Our company, Budget Pest Control Perth, offer best and low price pest control for silverfish in most of the areas of Perth region. There are many traps and insecticides available in stores but they can only finish individual insects but are not able to eliminate an entire infestation. Our expert team will conduct inspection of your place to find out their hidden places and then apply the most effective products with specialised equipment in the entire suspected place to get rid from them permanently. The good work efforts by our team and positive feedback from customers makes us best in Silverfish pest control Perth. Our company is Perth’s leading company of pest control and our motive is to provide clean, safe and most valuable services to our clients. Let our expert team secure your home from silverfish.

Brief About Silverfish:

Silverfish bugs are less noticeable pests in houses and offices because of their easily nocturnal activities. In general, they are 13-25 mm long with a silver colour skin on top shell and live for two to eight years. They are mostly inhabited in low temperature and dark places but they can also survive in majority of climates. They can bite on roughly anything but mostly attack on books and clothes with high level of starch material. The easy way to identify them is to look for small holes in papers and fabric or yellow colour stain on them. They can travel fast from place to another for searching food and mostly travel in night time. There are three types of silverfishes attacked on houses and offices.

Identify Your Pest

Types of Silverfish:

Budget Pest Control consist team of expert people to solve your all type of pest problem with guaranteed results. We provide high customer satisfaction in pest control for Silverfish with our eco friendly products and procedures.

Common silverfish

These type of silverfish lives in the lower floors of buildings because of high moisture such as basements. Their average length is about ½ inch and has silver shell on top. They prefer 70 to 80 degree temperatures for living.

Grey silverfish

They have dull gray colour on their top shell and can live anywhere in building. They can survive in less humidity and prefer hotter environment such as 80 to 85 degree temperature. They eat both animal and plant substances for survival and exist in closets, storage space and wardrobes.

Four- lined Silverfish

These types of silverfish have four different lines made up of black colour on their shell and their average length is ½. They can live in extensive range of humidity with temperatures in the mid ‛80. There preferable are to live is basement, kitchen, storage area and bathroom.

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Better quality for Silverfish Pest Control Perth

The Budget Pest Control is one of the best pest controls in Perth. Our expert team treat the both adult silverfish and their shelter. We will assess the situation within your home and office and execute the most successful method of extinction for silverfish problem. After the treatment our team will assist you in the steps which help to prevent your place from future attacks. The Budget Pest Control services always available for your all type of pest control problems. We guarantee you the best and long term results in silverfish pest control Perth.If you are disturbed from silverfish let us help you to solve that.

Silverfish control services

Our professional team inspect your house carefully so we can treat every infected place. For safety purpose, we use Eco friendly products which will not damage any place in your beautiful house. After treatment for your safety purpose we prefer to vacate the house for approximately 2hrs sheets yet all treatments are very safe. For removing them permanently, we prefer to use fogging machine to spread insecticide in every section of the house and for protection we covered your premises with sheets. We offer you.

  • Permanent termination of silverfish from your house or office.
  • 100% guaranteed results with no damages to premises.
  • Save your home with our affordable services.
  • Expert in all other type of pest control services as well.
  • Eco friendly and Cost effective.

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