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Termites are insects that feed on wood and becoming pests of homes. There are 2 common types of termites: worker and swarmer.

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Termites are insects that feed on wood and becoming pests of homes. There are 2 common types of termites: worker and swarmer. When they invade homes, they can become a major problem and cause billions dollars in damages in Australia in different sectors each year. We, Budget Pest Control Perth, offer a first class and eco-friendlywood termite and pest control service at a cheap price in all areas around Perth region. We do not only provide affordable deals for removing the termite problem from your place, but also guarantee that the products we used are environmental friendly and harmless to human and animals withhighly productive results whichyou will be completely satisfied with the service. We have many years of knowledge and experience and are one of the most recognized pest control companies in Perth. We promise for the use of the latest and safest products for the safety and efficiency to make sure our environment and clients are taken care of.

Brief about moths:

There are 2 main categories of termites in Australia

Subterranean Termites

Alates (swarmers) :Dark– brown to black, ¼ – ½ inch long with 2 pairs of wings.

Workers :Cream colored, about ¼ inch long with no wings.

Soldiers :Creamy– white but head is brownish, No wings, large jaws, colony defender.

They build their nests underground and they only eat softwood, damaged wood appears to be layered. Their nests can possibly be found above the ground when it has sufficient moisture conditions to support the nest. There is only 1 primary queen in one colony which can lay 10,0000 eggs in its lifetime.

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Controlling and getting rid of termites are not as easy as just you thought. You can do that yourselves with the shelves products at home, however, it wouldn’t bring you the result you expected. And that’s why specialist like us, Budget Pest Control, we take into account the fact that the products we used are high-ended,affordable, and harmless to the clients and staff. Our team members are all highly skilled in wood termite and pest control and they have deep understanding on how to fix the termite problem. Our company offers different packages based on your budget and demand and needs. We will provide an efficient and effective way that gives a guaranteed result.

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