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Ticks are blood-feeding parasites that you can find them in tall grass where they can hide and wait for a host, for example humans or animals, passing by, then attach and follow the host home.

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Ticks are blood-feeding parasites that you can find them in tall grass where they can hide and wait for a host, for example humans or animals, passing by, then attach and follow the host home. Getting bites from ticks could result in disease transmission like Lyme, Colorado tick fever. Budget Pest Control Perth, provides the high-tech and economical services for tick pest control in most of the areas in Perth WA. We guarantee that the products we use are harmless to the environment and high productive when dealing with ticks. You won’t be only pleased with the outcome of the treatment we use, but also the competitive price that beats the market. We are experienced and one of the most well-known pest control companies in WA. We assure that the products we use are the safest and latest to guarantee that users and our environment are looked after.

Brief about ticks:

Ticks are identified as insects nor spiders, but mites. Not all species are direct concerns to humans and pets. But those who own farm animals or work in zoos will have to be careful with them. Ticks can get into indoors by attaching themselves on hosts, which can be humans, pets or clothes. Ticks need blood to survive and reproduce.

Identify Your Pest

Hard Ticks

Appearance – They have a defensive plate (aka scutum) on their back that somewhat limits the level at which they can engorge. They need days of attachment to be completely fed. Adult females are somewhat larger than males and they do not have the same coloration. And their mouthparts are visible viewing from above.

Diet –

They search and feed on host during the day

Habitats –

They love brush, weedy or woody area, especially clammy woodlands. Their preferred hosts are likely to be vertebrate like mammals, lizards.

Life Cycle –

3 stages: Larval, nymphal and adult. Female adult ticks fell from the host, and die after laying thousands of eggs.

Typical life time ranges from 2 to 36 months, depending on the species and environments.

Transmitted Diseases –

Lyme disease, tularaemia, tick paralysis, etc

Soft Ticks

Appearance – They are quite wrinkling which do not have the scutum. They can be engorging more rapidly. Their mouthparts are to be seen on the underside of their body where the front portion of the body hides.

Diet –

They search and feed on host during the night.

Habitats –

They can be seen in animal burrows, caves or dens. And they can be thrived under hot and dry environment

Life cycle –

They feed themselves quick; they don’t stay on a host for long, once they are fed, they detach and return later for the next meal. It can repeat its nymphal stage several times. Female adult ticks lay approximately 20-50 eggs after each meal.

Life time can be up to 16 years.

Transmitted Disease –

Tick-borne relapsing fever

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Eco-friendly and advanced tick pest control Perth WA

Fully control and shut the door on ticks are not as easy as just taking them. Ticks can be very annoying that could hide where you can find them, that’s why Budget Pest Control Perth is here to help you getting rid of the ticks with the advanced pest control skills and eco-friendly pest control procedure, in order to get them under control by not only considering efficient and effectiveness, but also environmental awareness. We guarantee that the product we use do not harm any members of our team as well as the clients at home. All members have expertise to tick pest control as they have been in the industry for many years. We have a variety of deals for you to choose according to your budget and requirements. And the result provided is 100% guaranteed.

Tick pest control

We offer a variety of eco-friendly and advanced tick control plans for your property, depends on the needs of the situation. To fully get rid of them, you need expert like us, Budget Pest Control Perth, to do the job for you./p>

Budget’s ticks pest control
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  • Educate and recommend
  • Apply unique products
  • Follow up and additional control (if necessary)

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